The Salvation Army’s Moneycare service provides free and confidential financial counselling.
Moneycare clients come from all walks of life. We can help you if you are in financial difficulty, in a financial crisis situation or wish to avoid financial difficulties.

What is financial counselling?

Our financial counsellors listen in a non-judgmental and caring manner. They analyse and assess your financial situation and give you information about credit and debt issues. They work with you to develop a plan to improve your situation. Our financial counsellors may be able to help specialise in providing assistance with the following situations, if you are in financial difficulties.

For example, if you are

  • Having difficulty paying debts or fines
  • Experiencing harassment from creditors or debt collectors
  • Facing legal action regarding your debts
  • Dealing with car or house repossession
  • Worried about being evicted from your home
  • Struggling living on a low income

If appropriate, your financial counsellor will act as an advocate for you to negotiate with the people you owe money to. Your financial counsellor may also refer you to other assistance where appropriate.

Moneycare financial counselling services do not lend money or provide material aid.

Seek help early

Financial issues can have a tendency to spiral out of control.

When under financial stress, people are increasingly vulnerable to unexpected bills or expenses like medical issues or car breakdowns.

Financial issues can be further amplified by attempts to manage the issues via increased debt or via gambling.

Because you can never be certain what the future will hold, all of our financial counsellors recommend seeking help early so that problems don’t get out of control.

Related services

Distance Financial Counselling

If you are not located near a Moneycare office we will try and help you by phone, mail, fax and/or email. Contact a Moneycare Centre in your state to enquire.

Financial Literacy Training

We can provide training to groups, including Indigenous groups, subject to resources, on money management and related issues, as a way to help prevent some issues occurring.

Contact Us

Please ring our Illawarra office on 4229 1079 or 0439 803 878

*Please also note that Moneycare does not provide funds, vouchers or emergency relief.